The First Baptist Church of Chicago 

Wondering About God?

You are not alone.  There are people just like you who are thinking about God right now.  We set up this portion of the site for you.  
One of our members said he was walking through our neighborhood and he saw our sign.  He had been in the neighborhood for years and had never seen our sign before.  He saw me outside and we talked. He came to church the following Sunday and he became a member of First Baptist.  God was speaking in his life and he chose to listen.
You have a decision to make, listen and believe or listen and tell God you are not interested.  Believing is having confidence in God and what God has done for you.  What has God done?  God has dealt with the problem of sin and what sin does in our lives.  Sin, evil, wrong doing causes us a lot of pain and suffering. When I talk to ex-offenders they know what they did and they are sorry.  They are honest, they freely admit they have sinned.  You need to be honest and tell God you are sorry too.  That is the first step to a breakthrough. God will respond, the Bible says, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved"(Acts 16:31).  Salvation is forgiveness of sins and freedom from the guilt and shame of your sins.
When you pray for forgiveness, God will respond according to your faith in God.  Use the web to search for a church in your area.  Pray for God to guide you.  Call the church or visit the next Sunday and tell the Pastor you prayed for God to forgive you.  You are a Christian, stay on the journey.
Got questions, use the prayer link in this section to send me a message.