The First Baptist Church of Chicago 


about us

When you visit First Baptist you will notice that we are a church of adults, college students, teens and children.  Our ministry is multi-generational and our worship and activities reflect that mix.  So we are not one thing, but a ministry of many threads because of the diverse population we serve. 
We are committed to ministry in the city.  Our members can found at our neighborhood food pantry and soup kitchen, in our gym working with boys and our computer lab helping seniors become computer literate.  We are committed to prison ministry, preaching to those who are incarcerated and helping their families to cope with the imprisonment of a loved one.
Our 2023 Church Theme is, "Still on This Journey of Life With Jesus, Mark 10:17-22..  2022 is the 189th Birthday of First Baptist.  A complete listing of our celebration events will be posted on our calendar.
If this is the type of church you are looking for, please call 773-536-3430.