The First Baptist Church of Chicago 

Rev. Chingboi Guite Phaipi
work: 7735363430

Our sister Chingboi Guite Phaipi was born into a Christian family in Manipur, India, however, she had her own "born again" experience with Christ in December of 1995.
            Like many young people in ministry, she felt a call of God at a youth conference.  It happened at the Evangelical Baptist Convention Youth Conference in October of 2000 in Manipur, India. When she came forward for the altar call she told the Lord that she would "available for any way God wants to use her" which included full-time ministry.
            When she went to college she remained faithful to God by serving as a Sunday School teacher for high school students and a youth leader, serving as secretary of the Baptist Youth Fellowship at her church home until 2004.
            She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology in Manipur in 2004.  After graduation, God opened a door of opportunity which enabled her to go to Japan and study Theology and Bible.
            From September of 2004-May of 2008, she studied for and received a B.A. in Theology from Tokyo Christian University.  While she was in Tokyo she served in a Japanese church in the Sunday School ministry to children and the coffee fellowship ministry.
            After graduation from Tokyo Christian University, from July 2008-June 2009 she served in a Japanese Church in Yokohama for one year ministering in the church school to children with special needs on weekdays.  She also served in the children's and youth ministries on weekends as well a weekly Bible study and Prayer group for women.
            From July 2009-May 2011, she was studying at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. During that time she attended the Hyde Park Vineyard Church, serving in the hospitality and prayer ministry occasionally.
            From September 2011-present she has been working on a Ph.D in Old Testament and teaching the Adult Women's Sunday School Class at FBCC on the 4th Sundays of the month.  She has also been preaching and teaching at an immigrant church in Uptown called the Chicago Zomi Bethel Church, a refugee church for Burmese.
            When she completes her Ph.D., she will be the first person of the Paite people, a tribe in Northeast India to pursue Ph.D. level studies in Biblical studies.  She believes that this is a unique privilege and responsibility given that her tribe is still very patriarchal and in a denomination that does not ordain women.
            Her prayer and hope for the future is to teach classes in a seminary or Bible College, which lead students to be better disciples of Jesus Christ who have a deeper understanding of God's Word.